Monday, March 12

More Than A Feeling

Both comedian Richard Jeni and musician Brad Delp (of Boston Fame) died over the weekend.

I thought a lot of both of them. I’m sorry to see them go. Jeni’s comedy was amazing and dry. Seeing him do a Christopher Walken impression had be on the floor I laughed so hard. Boston is one of those bands that everyone knows and no one was really allowed to like (in my generation) until everything 70s was cool once again (sideburns, tracksuits, classic rock).

While I am prone to the same cultural pitfalls and do think the 70s is yet again cool, Boston has always been a band I’ve liked. My dad was a fan back in the day, being the only thing outside funk, jazz and Journey that he listened to during that decade.

There isn’t anything more to this, really. I just woke up today and saw the news, and was saddened by it.

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