Tuesday, November 21

Hooray! St. Mary’s was wonderful. Wine, woman and song. The first and last are always in abundance but the second was truly delightful. The Wine was a Kendal Jackson Cabernet and the song where primarily the new Game which is maybe the best rap album of the year. Doctor’s Advocate (the title track) is in my humble opinion the best slow rap song to be released since whenever Bone Thugz were last good. Anyway enough about all that. Home and busy now. My bed seems so much colder than before. I haven’t felt this way in a long time. Ever maybe…
It’s a short if hectic week. Test today, which I should have studied for a little more, it’s on WWII though; I’m not too worried. Then work where I’ve become the executive hand-holder. The job would be slightly better if the hand-holing were not as critical to getting everything done. I does feel nice to be wanted though. Thursday I’m off (of course) and going down to bowl and see family and drink Blue and a bottle of wine that my Grandfather has been talking non stop about for ages. Something esoteric and French which has me almost as excited as the Blue. I wasn’t looking forward much to this whole ordeal but it will be nice I think. Just not the same.

Listening to Christie Front Drive Self Titled (how is Dirt that good of a song?)

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Anonymous said...

can you be my executive hand holder? i can't pay you, though...-e