Friday, November 17

Please Drive Faster

It’s been a crazy slow day at work today so went to Google Maps and worked up my ultimate road trip. Here goes:

95 Down to Raleigh from there old Route 66 starts (its now called Interstate 40…WTF). From there it’s a clear shot to the sunny Pacific. At around Palm Springs I’d have to take 10 to L.A. and swing by Riverside to see Shah. Then it’s a combination of Route 1 and 101 all the way to Seattle. You my know it was the Costal Highway. From Seattle (after the obligatory cup of coffee) its across the Northern States on 90 to Boston (swinging by Fenway and Southie) and back down 95 to D.C with a quick stop off in New York to see my cousin and got to the MET. There would have to be a stop over in Austin to see friends and I have some family in St. Louis. Otherwise the only thing I want to see the road and hole in the wall dinners. No point of destination. No point. Only the journey. Seeing all the little cities and towns that ring a bell and conjure something within our social consciousness. There is no other country like the US and I have seen only a fraction. This pulling west was what had drawn us forward. “We looked over the hill and saw fire. We crossed the Atlantic and flew. Human history is based around a timeline of exploration.” This is deep in my blood. I want so desperately to do this right now, just pack up and leave , not tell anyone and drive for a month…maybe next summer or the one after.

“Every man should see the desert before he dies…”

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