Monday, November 13

Only Shallow

I had a damn good weekend. I seem to start off every post on Mondays with some sort of construction like that, but it is true none the less. Short version: Off work early, Fredrick, 495 sans traffic at 5 (I know, crazy), St. Mary’s, good weather, Guitar Hero II for most of Saturday, other good things too, drive back kind of shitty.

I have my new car!

My job seems to actually be safe, not just the tentative conclusion I drew last time. The real test will be after my Mom leaves though.

New Game album comes out Tomorrow. Should be great.

The entire Orchid discography is now in my possession, now for Braid.

It is raining and it is Monday. I love days like this, no joke either.

Short but sweet, I shall endeavor to post something else this week with slightly more meat.
At the moment I am listening to Loveless by My Bloody Valentine.

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