Monday, November 6

Seven Seperate Kids, Seven Separate Fires

I watched a bunch of movies this weekend. Some good, some not so good. I figured since there was no wild debauchery this weekend I would fill everyone in on my meaningless opinions on the matter.

The Omen: I actually wanted to see this! I know, what the hell is wrong with me? I hate horror movies. Well I figured anything with Julia Styles wouldn’t be that terrifying (if only because I could imagine her in Save The Last Dance). It was suitably creepy. The little kid was perfect and there were a few good scare the bejesus out of you moments, but if I could handle it you know it wasn’t that great…(3/5 stars)

Land Of The Dead: your all shocked now I know it…2 horror movies in one weekend. I love the zombies though. Romero’s commentary on communism or collectivism or how people just plain old suck was truly the corniest thing I’ve seen in a long time! The metaphor was extended beyond all imagining. They even made the Zombie Leader (yes they can think now…) look like Lenin. Fun but not for the light of heart, you really have to love a bad Zombie flick to sit through the whole thing. (2/5 stars…for the normal people; I’d give it a 3/5)

Memento: Its old and everybody’s already seen it for the most part but I hadn’t and it was incredible. The director (same guy who did The Prestige and Batman Begins) is one of the most talented storytellers of our age! That is in no way an overstatement either, the movie is one of the most bizarre things I have seen and somehow he pulls it off. If anyone hasn’t seen it yet I won’t spoil anything but seriously: rent it. (4.8/5 Stars one of the best movies in its genre)

Art School Confidential: Not the movie I was expecting but funny one the less. It is a murder mystery and while the characters are a bit hacky it was fun and since I know most of those people in some form or another (or am, myself, one) I enjoyed it. John Malekevich is totally the best part of it, I think that might be every art teacher that ever put brush to canvas…(3/5 Stars)

Friends With Money: Skip it…the pacing is terrible and the characters are just too clich├ęd to be believed. I didn’t even watch the end of it. This is partly because I fell asleep and partly because I didn’t want to watch anymore. The fact that I fell asleep should be a strong indicator of my opinion to begin with. (1/5 Stars)

Going down to St. Mary’s again this weekend with Mike. Tests to study for and work to do. It seems like I’ll be keeping my job for the time being…busy but not boring. Studio 60 is on tonight! YAY!

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Reel Fanatic said...

I'm so glad Studio 60 is managing to cling to life .. and I'm totally with you on Friends With Money .. that movie was simply atrocious