Tuesday, November 7

Loft Party / Opus 62

So I’ve come to a few interesting conclusions today:

1.) My quest to eliminate subjectivity is ridiculous and thinking that I’ve made head-way is almost sinister in it’s absurdity

2.) I wavered in my trust of music until I heard Chopin’s 15th Prelude followed by his Nocturne in C Sharp Minor…Jesus, that will make you believe in the divine again.

3.) Commercialism and radicalism in the culture wars are not the only sides to choose from. That makes me very happy; you never hear about option three though.

4.) Orchid is smarter than I thought. This also makes me quite happy. I’m still trying to figure out if they are smarter than even that, if only I could figure out arrangements…

5.) People younger than 90 don’t vote at 7 in the morning…I should have assumed as much

6.) Harry Truman was funnier than I thought he could be.

7.) Until about two days ago my pretension was a crutch; now its more like a decorative walking stick.

8.) The title of the blog is once again true…this time it isn’t due to outside forces. I was sick of all the sunsets.

That was more than a few but whatever…Thank you Teddy! I didn’t realize a German from the 50’s could teach me anything about aesthetics. Boy was I wrong.

Listening to Schoenberg for the hundredth time. It seems like the first though…

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Mike said...

You haven't heard/read anything yet. Wait until I give you the rest of the Orchid stuff.