Wednesday, April 12

C'est La Vie

Well Philosophy was a total slug fest today. I handed back that guys paper (last post) and he stared yelling at me in a language that I am not familiar with, I may have been some further bastardized version of Ebonics (which is really saying something). My teacher broke in before I got my ass kicked, the most likely ending to all confrontations I engage in. I only gave the guy a C which was way more than he deserved, my conscience would not allow anymore. I guess he was really shooting for the B thought, because he kept glancing at me and muttering something under he’s breath. It was either “B” or “bitch.” I’m not a racist (I think it was to do with class position not skin color) but this guy was “straight up tripin’” if he thought his “black ass” deserved a B. These are quotes that he was using against me, though why he said “black ass” in regards to me and my posterior is a total mystery, maybe its like when bad means cool, and phat means pretty. I never know anymore. I could totally launch into a diatribe on slang and colloquial usage right now but I think I’ll save that for another day as the real world beckons and nobody really cares about my language theories (which are Chomsky’s anyway).

Listening to Scared of Girls by Placebo (oddly appropriate lately)
And Cake by Fire Party


Mike said...

Believing language we speak in tounges, deceiving ourselves.

Shah said...

F'en problems, they really need to realize that their place is at a Drive thru window... I have co worker who refuses to learn how to divide.

DJ AF said...

That was a really funny post. Especially the part about you not being a rascist. Looks like the liberal guilt reaches the internet as well.