Monday, April 3

Immersion In A 90 MPH World

The Weekend, as always, was far too short. However I did have a great one. Friday was insanity; school, work, packing, then hanging with Nando and Dr. House until dawn. Saturday was the perfect illustration of insanity that is my life. After going to bed at 7ish the previous night (if you could call it that) I woke up at noon, drove home and packed till five, filled up my car with gas and drove. I needed to get out so I just got lost and drove. I’m not sure where it was that I went but I found my way back to Bethesda and picked up Shah at Medical Center. We went to grab a bite at La Tomate. I hadn’t been there in ages and it was interesting to see the staff again, even if they didn’t recognize me. After dinner we tried to get into a billiards bar near by, but the line was long and the bouncing was intensive, or so it seemed. We had an interesting back and forth on the Metro (we thought about getting Martinis at this great French place, which was closed) but ended up back in Dupont. All hope was lost when La Tomate was closed, or so it seemed. We ducked into a book store called Kramer’s which had a bar and cafĂ©…Let that sink in if you know me…books and liquor. Paradise. They had Foggy Bottom on tap which was great and Glenfiddich flowed freely. And for once I didn’t get too drunk. Some of Shah’s friends meet us there. At around one or so a limo (arranged by one of the friends) picked all of us up and drove us to our various destinations. Shah drove my car back to Centerville and I drove it back into Chevy Chase (that’s right…the highway by myself, I think I’m fine with them now) for some much needed sleep. Sunday was further packing (we put the house on the market two weekends from now…which is really very soon) then the West Wing. As always amazing…Josh and Donna (giggle). The week will be busy but hopefully next weekend will be either a party at Shah’s or an evening of board games and nerd talk. Either way it will be fun. It’s also my Dad’s Birthday tomorrow; we are going to this amazing seafood place (that looks like a bus station depot) with a pile of people. I mention this because if you talk to me Wednesday I may ask you to speak very quietly, I always try to keep up with him on his birthday.

Listening to Take The Veil Cerpin Taxt by The Mars Volta
And Hooray For Humans by Q And Not U


DJ AF said...

Yeah house was fun... by the way I bought the first season of house and the second disc is amazing.

Shah said...

I love you Greg!! YOU ARE COMING TO NY with me and Wednesday there is a poker game if you are interested.

Greg said...

Amazing to both...however wednesday is always bad cause Thursday is work at 7:30. Thanks for the offer though.

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