Monday, April 10

The Devil's Dance Floor or Till We Earned A Holiday: My Half Rocky and Bullwinkel and Half Song Title Post

This weekend was a lot of fun. Went to St. Mary’s on Friday after school to see the clique. It was a total blast, though World Carnival didn’t even begin to fit into it. That was originally the whole reason for going down. Anyway I got to see Carrey again, had a few with him and his girlfriend Clair. Then it was back to the Suites to, say the kids say, party hardy. Ended up talking music with Mike and Shah, then threatening Shah if he ever bad mouthed Ireland again. He started to think I was really angry at him, then Mike reminded him that I was a sing that he was a real friend…Never realized that fact about myself, but its true when I rant on someone it generally means that I do like them. I wouldn’t bother otherwise. This is true about ninety percent of the time anyway, some people just really bug the fuck out of me. Left SMC the next day where my new hobby awaited…Packing! Yay! Nando’s house that night for your run of the mill merrryment then up early to do…not much…watch TV and not do some thing I should have been doing. Today was school work and coffee with Harry. This weekend I’m really looking forward to though. Ladytron at the 9:30 club on Friday then Shah’s American party on Saturday, I think I’m going to wear traditional Bengali garb just to throw him off. Boring week otherwise moving stuff and the like…four days till Friday (which is a little sad)

Listening to Burning In The Bed On Fire by The Aeffect
And DNA Timebomb by Clikatat Ikatowi


Shah said...

Hell Yeah We will have lots and lots of FUN! Bengli garb can be provided by me unless you have another source. Pietasters tomorrow wanna come?

Mike said...

Good song...