Thursday, April 13

From The Firmament

Thursday. One of the most paradoxical of days, Sunday being the only one more misunderstood. Thursday is the day of anticipation and the day where I seem always to have the most work. It was unimaginably hectic around the office today. There was a huge miscalculation in the overall budget for the year and hence everyone in unison went completely round the bend. Save for your noble protagonist. I remain, as usual, no more crazy than my average absurdity. It was fun to see all these people who seem to have it so together and figured out, so self possessed, run around this “professional atmosphere” like chickens with their heads newly detached. I enjoyed the chaos, feed off it really. If there is turmoil around me then my own seems less entertaining, which is a good thing for the biggest narcissist in the world (self proclaimed of course). I just finished a book I had been struggling though for about a year on the Peloponnesian War. The book, with the glaringly obvious title of…you guessed it…The Peloponnesian War was not the best written essay on the subject but fine enough for my interests in the time period (more of a Medieval man myself). Anyway this aside had a purpose. If anyone has a recommendation on another non-fiction book to read (or better yet lend) I’m all ears. Shah I know what your going to say and Freakenomics and the World is Flat both sound interesting but I was thinking more history, that and you will be in Cali by the time I finish either one of them. By the by has anyone ever thought about the turn of phrase “all ears.” I mean really thought about it…kind of freaky.

Listening to No Need To Ask Baby by Taucher
And Stephanie Says by The Velvet Underground


Mike said...

Most of my non fiction is philosophy. Nonetheless you can look tomorrow...then borrow!

Shah said...

Alas I must leave most of my books here as books are heavy and take up too much room. I do own history books such as In the Heart of the Sea, I do have a short gem called Tropical Gangstars (its all about the craziness in Africa). You are more than welcome to any book in my collection and I can get it back the next time I am in town.