Tuesday, April 25

Looks Like Tomorrow

Well, this weekend was good. Saturday I went down with Shah to St. Mary’s, which was fun. Drank a bit too much and went to bed early. Sunday I didn’t do too much. Monday was very sad I went to Tommy’s funeral and the reception after. I have never seen so many young people balling their collective eyes out. It was a great send off though. He would have been embarrassed I think but it was kind of beautiful. Not sure what I’m really doing these days…I feel a bit like a ghost everywhere I go, but I think that’s just me being overly self indulgent about a number of things. I have my iPod on shuffle and Still Life just came on…going to have to try not to get all weepy at work (Mike might be the only one to understand this). I have nothing to talk about that is of any interest to any of my readers so I’ll go back to work now…


Mike said...

Still Life is a tough band to listen to during times like yours. I couldn't listen to anything even remotely resembling that genre when my boy died. Stay away from the song "Looks Like Tomorrow."
Keep your head up. Don't make me come over there. ;)
See you Saturday lil' bro.

ThisDoesNotMeanAnythingAnyway said...

do you really?