Tuesday, April 4

Method: Fail Repeat...

Has anyone ever wondered what the modern corporate scene would be like if we were still living in the “Age of Chivalry.” Not the “Uhh…Chivalry is so dead” Age; the knights and jousting and honor, but most of all the duels…Well I did today because I cannot concentrate on anything today. I came to the conclusion that I would be totally awesome. This is how my day would have played out if my company was thrust into the middle of the Middle Ages:
“I awoke in the pre-dawn light. The larks only beginning to sing as I rode out of my cottage to the great Keep of my liege Lord. I ran across a crowd gathering around the drawbridge and was hence late to attend my Lord. I am his squire. and he, Lord of Construction. He is a king and goodly man of many years, but fair and just. He rules the land of construction well and with honor, I only wish I could say the same about his knights. Sir Steven the Slow is all but hopeless and Ser Joe the Grouch never gives a kind word to anyone. His maids however are worth their weight in gold. Jackie the Fair may as well be the true lord however she is rather messy. The Lady Sheryl is kind and a fine woman. Today was a great battle however and the peace of all the kingdoms was at stake. At the Kings weekly conclave of lords My Lord and the Duchess of Architecture almost came to blows in His Graces presence. However they did not, a duel will be fought between them before long. My lord is favored to win, as he is the better swordsman. This afternoon I had to travel far to secure food for the whole Keep. That is the lot of the Squire though. Soon I will leave this Keep though and prove my honor claiming my own lands under a different King far far away. That day cant come soon enough.”

That reads normally: A very boring day where that Architecture department and Construction got into another fight at the weekly meeting with the CEO. God I cant wait to get a better job.

On another note I think I concur with Josh. Virility is tied to how exhausted a man is. In my case after two weeks of less an six hours a night (sometimes well less) I must be one of the more virile men around…I need a woman. [Snore…]

Listening to Save Your Stares For Strays by Kite-Eating Trees
And Nietzsche by The Dandy Warhols


DJ AF said...

Virility comes with exhaustion only because the penis thinks it's 2 a.m (sexing up hour) and the eyes can't see whether or not the girl in front of you is at all good looking. Case and point the young one who got it on with Jeanne Barffalo

Greg said...

I Love you Nando

Shah said...

Hey you want to go to St. Mary's this weekend? Its World Carnival.