Tuesday, April 11

Insert Funny/Inteligent Title Here

Another day another post. This is sort of getting addictive. Anyway, not very much to say since my last post. Today is just work. Its been quiet the past week or so here. Everyone seems to have retired to their corners after the corporate politics got a little Machiavellian a while ago. I have been getting more and more to do everyday which either means that they really like the way I work or they think that they can get way with paying shit (for what I’m doing) and piling on the work at the same time. I figure as long as they keep making me do these long projects they cant really fire me half way though. Tonight should be good though. Going out with Harry, which I ended up not doing last night (I’m such a crappy friend) cause I forgot. Then it’s a few hours of sleep before turning in my half assed paper for history and a critique of this person’s paper in Philosophy. That is what I really wanted to talk about. I got this…well its hard to call it a paper because that would demean all the other papers that have ever been written. I try not to be too judgmental, a guy’s grade does depend on this but he didn’t even use punctuation. That and the thesis of the paper seems to be that Socrates is dumb. Here is a choice quote “if I could talk to Socrates I would tell him he was not smart because he never makes any sense any of the time”…my generation will destroy the world as we know it! I even fixed his spelling mistakes.

Listening to Brutal Enigma by Party of Helicopters
and Your Not Safe With Us by Irradio


DJ AF said...

Please tell you will make a copy of that paper so I can read it. It sounds deliciously awful like an apple in peanut butter or a penis covered in tree sap... What is wrong with me? Whoah, don't open that door.

DJ AF said...

Fuck! I just made a grammatical error in my comment making fun of someone who can't write. Talk about irony.