Monday, October 16

99 Problems...

It was a rather complex weekend. I headed down to St. Mary’s with Mike on Friday and stayed until Sunday. The drive down was a bit long with traffic but Sunday few by drive-wise. All in all it was a good if somewhat infuriating time.

This week will be busy. Work is getting a little slower which is nice but of course school is picking up. Test on Tuesday and I’ll hopefully get the other one I took back. Beyond that the weekend looks chill for the most part. Thursday Mike and Aaron might be coming down to help with the Tower plundering, as they are going out of business and there are some good sales. Saturday and Sunday I’m house sitting again, always good for that economic injection of liquid capital.

I finished the first season of Nip/Tuck last night. I’d have to say that it would be hard to beat the craziness of the entire season but having watched a bit this season and a few from the intervening, it does. It’s a car crash and I can’t look away

I’m taking Ricardo’s advice so listening to The Night Has Opened Up My Eyes and What Difference Does It Make by The Smiths

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