Friday, October 20

It's Okay (One Blood)

How the hell did it get to be Friday already? Anyway, had a busy week. School was tests and crazy lectures (literally; I’m almost completely convinced both of my teachers are certifiably insane). I picked up a copy of the new Dresden Dolls CD on Tuesday. I didn’t really think much of it the first time through but after a couple more listens it isn’t too bad. There are actually a number of songs that I’ll actually be excited to hear at the concert. Should be fun, if slightly odd to see a band that I’m not in love with. I don’t generally suffer the rigors of a club to see just anybody, but hey the ticket was free (9:30 Club on 10/27 if anyone is interested)

I also picked up the Smiths “Singles.” Of course amazing, and I fanally have a copy of A Light That Never Goes Out. This weekend will be quite but I am hoping to see Marie Antoinette sometime soon. How I love thee Miss Copula…and the fact that your using post punk for a film about an absolutist monarchy in the 18th Century. The metaphor of it bowls me over.

Casey was totally right by the by: “Sometimes you just stand there with cake on your face…” Having obligations is lame.

The post title is what I’m listening to by The Game


Mike said...

If you're talking about what I think you're talking about it's not pie on your face. It's in no way that bad - you/they did nothing wrong...yet. Heh.

It's just a missed chance/possibility. One that you are almost certainly going to have again.

Fruit salad cell phone mask.
Yeah, I don't know.
Why do you even talk to me.

But Casey is sweet...

Greg said...

Nope, not what your thinking...I think. Love vauge references to stuff, no one ever knows what anybody elese is talking about.