Monday, October 9

All Lost In The Supermarket

Well I had an alternately productive and dull as fuck weekend. Got a big paper out of the way which was nice but all my tests that were supossed to be on Thursday got pushed back, which is nice but I would have rather them done with and out of the way. I house sat this weekend again which was movie-filled. I watched Sid and Nancy again, which is such a great movie( I mean Gary Oldman is so perfect), and Closer which is maybe top 5 ever on the list. Last night was a bunch of Nip/Tuck on DVD that a friend lent me. That show is disturbing, graphic and has really messed up characters. I love it.

So after my Sid and Nancy nostalgia that evening I learned that CBGB is closing this coming Saturday. This week they have some of the great surviving members of the scene pay homage to the dirty little club. Pattie Smith, Debbie Harry and Bad Brains are all playing the club’s last weekend. I considered indenturing myself to both Chevy Chase Bank and my parents to get up there and see the end of it all, but everything is sold out. Apparently I missed it by a day…I can still remember reading "England Dreaming" and thinking that, even if punk was dead and had been since before I was born, all I wanted to do was stand in that cramped and smelly little place and go nuts listening to Johnny and Sid or Joey and Dee Dee, especially Joe…Those days were gone then and now there isn’t anything to remember them by. So that kind of bummed me out. I’ve had my CBGB shirt since before you could get them just anywhere (cousin in New York), my birthday the day I turned 14…

On to happier, less lame things. Studio 60 sounds good tonight so that will be fun. I’m hoping to get away this weekend, wherever that ends up being. Fredrick or St. Mary’s or Baltimore, I don’t really care.

Listening to Never Mind The Bollocks (album) by the Sex Pistols, The Ramones (Album) by The Ramones and London Calling (Album) by The Clash
I know “how could I be listening to three whole albums?” When I found out this morning at around 7 I started playing them, I honestly don’t really like them as much as I used to but they hold a lot of sentimental value…

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