Monday, October 16

It's The End Of The World As We Know It

I meant to post this a while ago, but here it is. I might be a bit behind on any current devlopements…

Well the media has officially scared the crap out of me. North Korea detonated a very low yield nuclear device (low yield being the equivalent of 500 tons of dynamite…). This spurred Iran into declaring that I would also begin the development of a nuclear bomb (which everyone assumes they have been doing since Khomeini took over). That adds two more countries to the “Nuclear Club.” Among the other nations are Pakistan (with a fractious government and little in the way of “command and control” of their few warheads), India (who hates Pakistan and vice versa), Russia (which was scary back in the Cold War and is now horrifying because their facilities are completely unsafe and poorly guarded). Britain and France also have the boom as well as China . Israel is widely believed to have one but never tested it.

So in short The Muslim/Jewish/Hindu portion of the globe is only a few wrong moves away from glowing in the dark (but they have been for a while). The addition of Iran into the mix makes for a nightmarish situation where pretty much all of the “ Fertile Crescent ” becomes no more than a wasteland of irradiated glass (what happens to sand after a detonation). India will of course use some sort of pretext and do a “first strike on Pakistan and Pakistan will I’m sure return in kind. This will blow large chunks out of the Hindu Kush mountain range; of that there can be no doubt. And after the Shihab-3 was tested in Iran and actually did work most of its neighbors would be in the firing range of a second Islamic bomb.

Korea could easily nuke its neighbor to the south or Japan or if their ICBMs work as well as they say; San Francisco or Los Angles. There really wouldn’t even need to be much of a provocation, seeing as Kim Jung Il is completely insane!
Alright now I realize that this is all the worst possible case scenario and that the likelihood of all of these much less one is remote, but the very possibility of it is a little on the “Greg-hasn’t-been-able-to-sleep-much” side.

All in all though I’m not as worried about that as I am other things so…we’ll move it along. Studio 60 has fallen in the rating again with the early returns showing another ½ million lose and a bit more slipping in the key demos. I’m actually pretty confident, from everything that NBC has released they have done a great job in spinning the numbers and it would appear as if the show will go to at least the 13 episode mark, most likely a whole season. Yay! I’m headed down to St. Mary’s this weekend and hopefully will delight in the debauchery that always abounds. It will be a nice getaway after last weekend and the crazy school work thing. Good new on the paper: 94%...

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