Wednesday, October 4

One Warrior

A few great pieces of information to pass on:
1.) Deadsy will be playing December 4 at The 9:30 Club according to their website. That one is going to be amazing

2.) Lesotho has adopted a new flag! Apparently it involves tribal headgear. It’s not great new, but I thought that everyone should know.

3.) The new and wildly popular NBC show Heroes has a character named Mohinder Suresh. Mohinder is the son of an Indian scientist trying to discover new evolutionary developments. Mohinder is also the name of an amazing band. Mike I thought that this might make you smile, and yes they are spelled the same.

[update] 4.) 24 is set for January 14th. JACK IS BACK

Okay…now for the bad news.

Studio 60 has steadily been losing the huge audience that it acquired during the pilot. The first two weeks where good, with strong numbers in the key demos but this Monday was rough. The total household count was 6.1 and the 18-45 fell 16%. Now it is early but that isn’t a good sign. They weren’t even beaten out by baseball, it was fucking CSI Miami! If David Coruso end up being the downfall of this great show…I’m not even sure what I’d do. Aaron and the gang aren’t the only ones in trouble; after a great start for the network who has been floundering since Friends went off the air and Seinfeld left for good, CBS beat them out across the board. I think it was the early start and the hype that had inflated the numbers. The show within a show managed to keep a 90% retention rate after the hype of the fictional Danny and Albe coming back and the controversial nature of their first show. Its funny sometimes how close to life Sorkin is with his stuff. The ridiculously self-referential nature of that whole episode is great, unfortunately for the Studio 60 cast and crew in real life there really is “only one way to go from there.” Hopefully NBC will be bright enough to leave the show enough time to grow, there might be a bigger ad buy if it gets an award or two under its belt after the end of the season…I still have hope. That and what else is NBC going to put in there that can even being to stand up to both CSI and baseball? Next week is equally grim with the somewhat anticipated “What About Brian” premiering on ABC, fingers crossed.

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