Monday, October 30

Cover Me

A lovely little weekend all things considered. Friday Mike managed to get off early and we beat all the traffic down to SMC. It was a quite evening, but good to see everyone. Saturday we were watching the clock for 7 to roll around and got ready for the main event; Hallowed Greens. I went as “Irish,” which involved a green suit and a truly inspired shillelagh (which I had to win in a contest of drinking), along with a great fedora. The greatest part of the night costume-wise was a two story tall Trojan Horse! Mike and I ended up at Liz and Joanna’s place and hung out for a while watching terrible TV and talking until around 5 in the morning. Sunday Liz and I went out to lunch at IHOP which was surreal in a good way (IHOP has always struck me as surreal though). I dropped Mike off up in Fredrick (listening to the Imogen Heap album which is fucking amazing, its my new driving at night CD, just as soon as I go out and buy my own copy) and made it home at around 8:30 and promptly went to bed (after watching the last 20 minutes or so of Sleepy Hollow, I forgot that Christopher Walken is the Hessian in that)

I’ve been thinking a lot about covers recently…I have come to the conclusion that they are great, only rarely, and made great by two factors, neither mutually exclusive. The first is if the cover is better than the original. This doesn’t happen too often but when it does it is amazing (take A Light that Never Goes Out by Braid, originally the Smiths). The Second factor is if the Cover is hilarious, this is also not all that common but awesome (e.g. Take On Me by Cap’n Jazz, originally A-Ha). Most fall into a category other than greatness. These can be good too but usually for personal reasons. I love My Generation by Chapeau Melon and 99 Red Balloons by Goldfinger only because they came around at just the right moment and will always remind me of people and things from that summer, they are however not very good covers (the Goldfinger one is decent but not great). Anyway…

A few side notes:

+My Dad had a car intensive weekend; he went to this sport rally think for BMWs and got to drive my dream car (a BMW Z4 sport coupe) and a few others. In addition one of his friends is getting an ’84 Dauphin Gray 5.30 M Sedan which I lust after as well (I drive an ’84 Gray 5.28e, it little sister of this car)
+ My mom got a great job offer and is leaving WRIT. This is both good and bad. It will mean more money for her and the family in general but it will also mean no more job for me…eh, not too worried.
+ Studio 60 has not been canceled yet! NBC ordered three more scripts (a total count of 16) and it will resume next week. YAY! It hasn’t been picked up officially but I think it will after this news.
+ This weekend will hopefully be Mike and I drinking scotch and watching a lot of Sorkin, I have to stay around this weekend as the parentals are going off to Williamsburg this weekend and the “Muppet” will need watching.

Listening to Chaos Ain’t Me and Loft Party by Orchid (freaking amazing album over all too, power chords and pretension go together like bees and honey!)

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