Thursday, January 18

Baby Britain

I was reading my horoscope earlier and it said that people might perceive me as having an “embarrassment of riches.” Also it told me that I could not make a bad decision today. Lastly I was informed that I should stick to my gut. Good to know, if you ask me. Life as a Taurus seems to be coming up 7 today.

Now I don’t normally read my horoscope but today I just happened to glance at it on my yahoo homepage. Now here is why I mention this: David Beckham is having horrible luck and he is a Taurus too, Just like me. He has just signed with the Los Angeles Galaxy. It was one of the largest sports contracts to date. And he wants to live in America. This all sounds good, right?


David Beckham is making the same mistake. Pele did the same thing in the Seventies. He tried to make soccer more popular in the US and now so is the “Beckster.” It just isn’t going to happen. I feel bad about it and all (as soccer is the only sport that I have watched with any regularity… ever) but there just isn’t a market for the world’s most popular game here in the states.

“Why?” you might ask There are many reasons: no time for commercials, the fact that we already have a number of major sports to follow, nobody in the states over the age of about 14 is considered “good at it.” The whole endeavor is doomed to fail. And as one of the most famous personalities in the sport gets ready to put on the Galaxy jersey and play his “futbol,” I pity him a bit. He will lose the few fans abroad he still has (soccer fans, that is, since he is considered by many to be overrated) and spiral downward into obscurity in a land where his passion and, indeed, his entire career are made fun of, not watched, and in some cases down right hated.

So while Beckham may have a hot wife and a brand spankin’ new house in the Hills he has made some pretty awful decisions lately. So I’m going to keep an eye out, and if anybody was going to offer me a multi-million dollar soccer contract I think I’m going to have to pass.

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