Tuesday, January 16

Staring At The Sun

This weekend was the longest I’ve had in a while and it was still over too quickly. Saturday I attended my first gallery opening. It was a lot of fun, even if the only substantive conversations I managed to strike up were about my t shirt.

The rest of the weekend was blissfully clam and relaxing. Now I’m back in the real world where I need to write a bunch more before Thursday and I’m still not quite mentally prepared for my next semester to start up. On the upside my final in sociology is a take home that I got today and isn’t due till the end of the week. Oh, fake college…Coffee with Harry tonight will only add to this feeling of procrastination. But at least I have a plan, right?

I spent a lot of last night looking for IKEA furniture to redecorate my room. This was in hindsight a bad idea. I mentally bought about a thousand dollars worth of white Swedish furniture in my head. Now I’m going to have to buy it all in real life too. I just hope my rationalization works on my parents so they’ll pay for it.

I’ve got work and school for until Thursday and then I get to pretend to be a hipster homemaker until Tuesday. These two long weekends in a row are going to spoil me rotten.

Listening to TV On The Radio and wishing I was a wolf.

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Anonymous said...

are you off monday too? or is that just a day between semesters blah blah blah?