Monday, January 8

I'll Believe In Anything

Back from St. Mary’s. It was really nice, but too short by half. Indian food, reality TV, astronaut ice cream. What more does a man need? Oh, right…to stop living with his parents! Oh and also let it be known that the weekend was “luscious” and that I “handled it.”

I need to work on brevity and frequency with this hunk of cyber-space trash…

Sociology is fun. Even if its only 3 weeks. Yeah, I started last Tuesday and my midterm is this Wednesday. Shit…

I really need to read more. I can’t seem to finish a book to save my life these days. All I do is start them, or so it would seem. Also, I think I’m probably going to fall prey to the “black crack” of vinyl buying. So much for trying to live by Orchid lyrics.

Shah will be here on May 23rd. This is some of the best news I’ve had in ages. That is actually not true, I’ve had a lot of good news lately but I am insanely happy none the less.

Okay, school time and work time.

Listening to Teen Angst by M83

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Anonymous said...

it doesn't count if you buy vinyl to hang it on your wall, greg. srrsly. <3 e