Wednesday, January 10

A Distorted Reality Is Now Neccesary To Be Free

So I rocked my midterm. And did not enough reading…that is going to be made up tonight.

Last night was fantastic. Elizabeth and Carrey came up/down and we dined and then played Trivial Pursuit until the early hours. I won. No big deal. It was sort of expected…

So I’ve never felt more like shit until I listened to the lyrics of “Patriarch On A Vespa.” But gender socialization has been a theme for the last few days, I just dislike the prevalence of it in subcultures that I frequent or want to…Emo being maybe the worst offender of them all. Sexuality stereotyping like whoa!

Oh by the way; my love/hate relationship with fake college is bordering closer to love right now. I can get away with reading stuff like this for class. Oh the wonder of the social “sciences.” Ha!

“And it's very likely you will say, "well, the larger thesis is somewhat underdeveloped, but there is this point early in the story where he takes a woman to Ithaca for no real reason, and it initially seems innocuous, but - as you keep reading - you sort of see how this behaviour is a self-perpetuating problem that keeps reappearing over and over again." In all probability, you will also complain about the author's reliance on self-indulgent, postmodern self-awareness, which will prompt the person you're conversing with to criticize the influence of Dave Eggers on the memoir-writing genre. Then your cell phone will ring, and you will agree to meet someone for brunch.”

-Chuck Klosterman

P.S. Don’t you just love the title? Its still a song. Elliott Smith. Of course.

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all i'm saying is that you'd be screwed if you got the tennessee question.