Tuesday, January 30

The Impression That I Get

As I enter week #2 of school there are a few things I want to share with you all. And by "you all" I mean of course the three people who read this.
1.) Health class is the biggest joke in the universe. Of this I am convinced. One of my major projects is a "health family tree." Yeah...it seems like I'll be okay for that one.
2.) Biology is actually interesting. I saw a rotifer today (which is a multicellular organism that feeds off debris in pond water, if you were interested)
3.) Philosophy should be interesting. The teacher simplifies everything and wrote the text book we use (read: he's a bit full of himself). Otherwise the students are at least engaging the material. This is a very rare occurance in fake college.
4.) Pop Music History is sweet. But I knew it would be. I got to write a paper about the history of Emo last night :)

In another vein: the weekend was great. Elizabeth and I went to see The Prestige. A seconf viewing has me sure that it is the only movie about magic that will ever mean anything. There was a 90s party that was okay. Now I'm working and sleepy. I am looking forward to making various mixes in the near future and the obligatory artwork that goes along with it.

Listening to Les Masquerade by Icollide
(And I know the post title is lame, its okay...so am I)

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