Tuesday, January 23

How Wheeling Feels

So the craziness has begun. The new semester has started and I'm one class through. Granted, that class (which was suposed to last from 8-9:50) was only about 20 minutes long. I'm sort of excited to be a real (read full time) student again. There will be a lot of work but then again I'm never so happy as when I can't think I'm so busy...and able to complian about it.

This weekend was nice. I finished work on Thursday and met Elizabeth to shop and shop and shop. When the dust had finally setteled I found myself with two new pairs of jeans, a new shirt (with french cuffs, aren't you proud Shah?), a baby blue t shirt (cause I apperntly don't like color) and Bert Russel's History Of Western Philosophy (which is amazing).

Besides the materialistic part of my weekend I got to see Pan's Labyrinth and Children of Men. Both were very good. Pan's Labyrinth was visualy stunning. And while sterotypical of modern Spanish cinema (e.g. broad christian overtones, all about the civil war and, you know, in spanish) it was endearing and very differnt. I guess an adult fairy-tale would be though. Children Of Men was intense. I went in thinking that it would be a techno-thriller with an interesting take on setting. It was to a certian extent but it managed more than just that. I walked out trying to figure out whether it was a good idea to have kids or not. Any movie those message is conveluted enough to, at the end, have its still be up for debate is one I'd see again.

There was also dinner at Sushi in Tenley. That was nice. The Coach provided. Now I owe him a ridiculous dinner and a 21 birthday to rival all others...great.

Well back to the real world. I'm sure I'll have more to say after my classes.

Listening to the Joan of Arc album A Portable Model Of

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Anonymous said...

actually, it's more of a powder blue, greg. and don't pretend you didn't want it.